Valle de Laciana

Valle de Laciana is a geographically well-defined valley, traversed by the river Sil and small tributaries dividing the territory. It offers tourism a landscape of extraordinary natural value, together with a cultural heritage (Unesco) of great importance and has unique elements that are beginning to be appreciated, such as the mining heritage or the fortresses. 

The main core is Villablino, where various services are concentrated, as well as hotels, hostels, pubs and restaurants. In addition, there are numerous rural houses and hostels, spread over the 14 cities of the municipality. What people often don't know is that this is also a very nice ski area!

This village used to consist mainly of people who worked in the coal mines. Life was hard and hard, they worked long days and some of these people also had cattle, sheep, cows and also horses. These were sources of extra income or the livestock was used for own consumption. So they were actually half farmer and half miner. 

Wild animals also live in this part of Spain, such as bears, wolves and various types of birds of prey. Enough dangers for the herds. Because the cattle do not live like us, they must be protected. That was and still is done by the Mastin Espagnol. The Mastin Espagnol has different species, but all Mastins have one thing in common, they protect the livestock to death. The training of these dogs is actually super natural and with little human input.