Transport your dog by air.

Soon we will also be able to transport your pets by air, after which we will bring them to your home by private transport!

Woof Airlines, a service to transport pets by plane, is a European company founded in 2015 by a young Spanish entrepreneur who is passionate about pets and flying. 

After discovering the need of thousands of families, for various reasons, to travel and relocate to different countries and continents and transport their pets. Woof Airlines was born to provide the best personalized service for transporting pets and animals in general. At Woof Airlines they work to be able to offer the customer everything. At Woof Airlines, we work to provide our customers, pet owners, with a service that sets us apart from communication, quality of service and dealing with both the animal and them. 

We've risen to the top and overcame the competition in this industry in a relatively short time. We started with online platforms (such as Uship) and after receiving hundreds of references and positive feedback from our customers, our business is now rapidly expanding. We are truly a global company. No destination is too far or too difficult for us! 

In the Netherlands they work together with Anita Zwanepol. She transports the animals with her company, Mastin Lounge Transport, by road, also from country to country. You can always contact her for more information, also about our other services! 

Anita also goes on flights if a dog has to be transported by air from the Netherlands. There are examples of dogs that she has to pick up from Norway with the van and then fly from Schiphol ... Upon arrival in the country of destination, a carrier from Woof accepts the dog from her for further transport to the customer or Anita rents there a car (if it is not far) to bring the dog (s) to the delivery address. Everything in consultation.

Note: Woof flies the dogs within Europe but also continental. Woof is affiliated with IPATA.

Requirements for your own travel kennel: 

For advice and sizes you can always call us !! 

1. The travel kennel must be made of hard plastic or fiberglass. 

2. The travel kennel may not have wheels. They should be removed or, if they cannot be removed, retracted and taped securely in place. 

3. The door must have a central locking mechanism that locks in at least 2 places: at the top and bottom of the door. (A) 

4. The door hinges should extend 1/2-inch beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door. (B) 

5. The 2 halves of the travel kennel must be attached to each other with bolts and nuts. All other closing / locking methods are strictly prohibited. (C) 

6. The travel kennel must contain separate food and water bowls, attached to the door or floor and be able to be filled without opening the cage. 

7. The bottom of the travel kennel may be covered with an absorbent material such as a blanket, newspaper, etc. Straw is prohibited. 

8. The animal must not wear a leash or muzzle while traveling. These items must be transported separately. 

9. The animal should appear healthy and show no signs of physical weakness or injury. 

10. The animal should not use tranquilizers or any other non-prescription drugs.

What does it cost to transport our animal? 

How much does pet travel cost? In order to provide an accurate quote for your pet's trip, we need the details of the trip. Each of our offers is different and personalized with the following features: 

  • Meeting point for pets. 
  • Delivery point for pets. 
  • Pet type: dog, cat, etc. 
  • Would you like us to provide a travel kennel? 
  • Do you want door-to-door service or airport to airport? 
  • What Service Level is required? 
  • Do you want full guidance by Anita or by the manifest load? 

We understand that you need an idea of ​​the costs before proceeding. Request a quote without obligation, so that you know what costs you will be faced with! 

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