About us.

The Mastin Lounge Espagnol vision is very simple. The focus is on the dog and its environment. 

This is essential for us and also for the descendants. We will continue to make our efforts to preserve all of them, enhance the essence of this ancient breed, and maintain the qualities they were created for, without neglecting the health of the dogs. Our goal is to keep the dogs working in their environment so that we can make a demanding selection in our breeding and share it with anyone who wants to enjoy the work and efficiency of this breed on a daily basis.


My dream...

How often do you not dream of something? You want to do things, help people / animals, but it doesn't get any further. Then suddenly something comes your way that makes you completely silent and it takes over every fiber in your body. I think that's what happened to me. Most people know my story of how the Mastin Espagnol came into my life. But then came Eboli, and it was Eboli that turned my world upside down. It was because of her that I really wanted to know EVERYTHING about these dogs is so special to me. I ended up in Spain together with my sister Karla and what I saw and was able to experience was in one word AMAZING! We met Luisma Fernandez's family, and what a family! These are people where 1 thing is at the top: live as I think life is meant to be. Respect for nature, animals and people. Luisma and his family live in a village called Caboalles de Abajo. This is a village located in Northern Spain. This village used to consist mainly of people who worked in the coal mines. Life was hard and hard, they worked long days and some of these people also had cattle, sheep, cows and also horses. These were sources of extra income or used for their own consumption. So they were actually half farmer and half miner. Wild animals also live in this part of Spain, such as bears, wolves and various types of birds of prey. Enough dangers for the herds of these people. Because the cattle do not live like ours, they had to be protected. That was and still is done by the Mastin Espagnol. The Mastin Espagnol has different types, but all Mastins have one thing in common, they protect the livestock to death. The training of these dogs is actually super natural and with little input from humans. Something that really appeals to me personally and that I really looked at with open mouth. This made it clear to me once again that what people mean so well is often so wrong to you. 

What has happened now? Like us, the Netherlands, Spain has also become part of the EU. This, like everything else in the world, has advantages and disadvantages. The EU has drawn up rules about the climate, this is a great goal and certainly necessary. This also has a downside. The downside is that the coal mines had to be closed and people lost their jobs. Their lives were disrupted, threatening everyone in their existence. The elderly and young people alike leave this beautiful village of Caboalles de Abajo, located in the beautiful area of ​​Valle de Laciana. But man would not be man, people started to come up with a solution for this. So it happened that the area of ​​Valle de Laciana has now become a nature reserve and since 2002 it has been under the protection of UNESCO. A number of farmers and Mastin breeders have also joined and founded ACLAME together. These men all breed the blood-pure work Mastin that I have come to love so much. Luisma and his family belong to this club. When I was in Caboalles de Abajo with Karla I thought what we could do to help. Because let's be honest, how nice would it be, as a Mastin enthusiast, that we could contribute to this. What I have now set for myself is to try in my own way to help make this village what it once was again. How and what ... hard work is being done behind the scenes. So you are all going to hear that from me. It is clear to me that the Mastin Espagnol will play a major role in this. 

Before everyone thinks I'm going to breed Mastins or something like that I can be clear, NO I'm not going to do that! You should know that breeders like Luisma do not breed for sale or self-interest, all Mastins are bred for the protection of their own livestock, so simply put, ALL dogs are for the use of the herds there. I can hear you thinking .... Nice story but what do those 2 Mastins do to you? I say: "No idea, they eat a lot, I learn a lot from them, they walk with my horses and protect my Mastin Lounge". Of course, this is not all. Both my present Basil and his half brother Carbonero de Filadon are here at Mastin Lounge for a reason. That reason will become clear to you over time. In any case, it has everything to do with Luisma and the preservation of Valle de Laciana and the preservation of the pure working master Espagnol. The great thing is that at this moment (October 2020) a few litters have already been born. These will be selected by the farmers / breeders for their work.

Follow me in making my dream come true ...... go to the tab projects! 


As every year in Mastines Los Piscardos we get many visits from all over Spain and beyond, people who become interested in this breed and its function. Last year our friend, a lover and great connoisseur of this breed, came to visit us again, this time in the company of Anita and Karla, two sisters from the Netherlands who quickly made contact with our dogs and our environment, a visit from a a few days but enough to awaken in them that enthusiasm to get to know our dogs, their daily work, our way of life, our region, our culture and livestock and mining past. 

They left fascinated and with many projects in mind as they wanted to share their experience with the rest of the people from outside of Spain who have not yet had the chance to get to know our country, our way of life and of course our mastiffs and work, which they perform daily in our brañas to guard our livestock that coexist with wild fauna. And from there comes our collaborative project, a project that is delayed more than desired due to the current situation, but we continue to work remotely to implement this initiative that allows us to introduce people to our region, our day after day and of course .... to get to know our dogs better and the day-to-day work they do, as we try to bring our dogs closer and closer so that this breed becomes better known in Northern Europe. 


Mastines Los Piscardos