Dog Transport by road

Why Private Transport? (my story!)

I would like to say something about transporting dogs. And I'm not saying I have the wisdom, believe me. After I got dogs from Spain with so-called road transports I started to think.

I think all dogs whether they come from rescue or from a breeder and whether they are young or old, they all create some form of stress.

Because imagine, you are a dog and you only know a kennel or only a nest or you only know all the freedom in the mountains or on the street and suddenly you are taken away from that life. The life you are used to, young or old, good or bad. I think that alone is a big change for a dog, because a dog has an instinct. We humans can still think and therefore we can still follow things in a sort. Then suddenly someone comes to take you, a total stranger to you as a dog and then the "party" begins. I will try to explain with my own rescuers, I mean dogs that were transported from Spain through a foundation.

I adopted 4 dogs from Spain. These are Ziva, Lixeiro, Yasu Eboli. Ziva and Yasu were puppies of about 4 months old. Lixeiro was about 1.5 years old. Eboli was 8 years old.

All 4 were transported from Spain in a small truck that contains an average of 20 dogs, large and small. I know from experience that all, but also all, foundations try to arrange this transport as well as possible and try to do as much as possible without stress for all dogs.

Then the arrival of the dogs is of different. Some foundations choose to hand over the dogs in public, unfenced areas, and other foundations choose to do it on their own property. In both cases, the dogs must continue to their golden basket by other means of transport.

What stuns me is the amount of dogs, the noise and the personal guidance. There are too many dogs on too few handlers. Two drivers keep driving as much as possible.

Ziva and Lixeiro were both transported in such a truck and we had to pick it up at a parking lot at a petrol station along the highway. To be honest, I thought that was terrifying. Despite the good care of the drivers and the foundations.

Luckily I was able / allowed to pick up Yasu and Eboli in Calais, this happened on a completely closed site, but from where they still had to get into my car for about 6 hours before they got home. During these hours we stopped three times and left the highway and just let them out for about 20 minutes each time and let them get some fresh air.

I picked up Basil myself from Spain by car. Every day no longer than 8 hours, from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. We always let him out. we took an afternoon break and slept in a hotel. Then you could just drink and eat and there was much less stress. When he returned home, Basil was able to join the pack right away, which took quite a few days for the other dogs.

Carbonero also from Spain, I would also pick it up myself, but unfortunately we had Corona there. I then decided, fortunately because he was not too heavy yet, to let him fly with personal guidance. On arrival in the Netherlands I picked him up and let him out quietly. He too could join the pack right away!

But saying this I have a problem ... the puppies eat and grow and of course no longer fit in my car, so I thought I BUY A VAN!

No sooner said than done. Then I got an idea, maybe there are more people who would like to have a dog transported but do not have the options themselves. People who also want to have this done in the most calm way possible with as little stress as possible and with personal, professional guidance, with door-to-door delivery (at home).

As I have been able to transport my Basil, I also allow other dogs. My van is now fully equipped for the transport of all types and sizes of dogs. Kennels have been made in the bus and a ventilation system has been built in. There is a view of the dogs from the driver at all times. All the kennels in the bus can be disassembled, which means that I always take 3 with me. That can be more or less, depending on the size of the dogs. So NO 20 dogs, I want to be able to transport them personally and in peace. So if you want to have your dogs transported regionally, nationally or internationally in a calm manner and with personal guidance, you can always contact me, whether it is a vet ride, moving or getting a dog from abroad .... .EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Anita Zwanepol

Safe transportation

Each guest gets their own safe and comfortable place in a spacious, specially equipped car. We set high standards for the safe transport of pets, so the car is equipped with professional benches. The benches can be converted into an extra spacious bench. Large dogs also have enough space.

The car is equipped with heat-resistant glass, air conditioning and an electric roof fan. The roof fan can both blow fresh air from outside into the room and extract air from the room to the outside, so that air circulation is as good as possible. During the winter months the car is equipped with winter tires. The car is thoroughly cleaned weekly.

The standard equipment also includes a first aid kit and bag, plenty of fresh drinking water, various dog leads, gangway, a large stack of towels and dog biscuits of course!


We are not affiliated with an industry organization but meet the following criteria;

. Registration Chamber of Commerce

. MOT approved car

. Car with a partition between the front and rear cab

. Ventilation in the car

. The dogs cannot leave the car if an outside door opens

. The inside of the car is cleaned and disinfected at least once a week.

You will receive a specified invoice.


Regional (from zip code to zip code)

Regional € 0.49 cents per km. Per dog small (up to 25 kilos) € 25.00 and large (from 25 kilos) € 50.00. Kilometers are calculated on the basis of a return. Make an appointment well in advance for the transport of your pet. We do not transport sick and / or injured animals. To do this, call the animal ambulance. Waiting times by appointment € 5.00 per 15 minutes.

National and international.

The rates for pet transport by car depend on your specific wishes. Dog transport from Spain to the Netherlands / Belgium € 250.00. This is a joint transport with other dogs! So not individually. If you still want individual transport from abroad ... send an e-mail with the postal codes of the pick-up and delivery address. You will then receive a fixed all-in quotation.

All services must be paid in advance.